2020-04-13  From:ALIC    Reader:1324

Anhui Light Industries International Co., Ltd(ALIC), established in 1984, has scored a total volume of foreign trade about USD 600 million and taken the lead in China. Under the severe landscape of containing the COVID-19, ALIC has set the medical supplies export in motion for the contribution to the whole world.

The list of ALIC medical supplies export mainly includes: one, protective supplies: mainly masks, disposable protective suits, isolation gowns, medical isolation shoe covers, safety goggles, protective isolation masks, disposable examination gloves; two, detection supplies, mainly test kits and forehead thermometers; three, disinfectant supplies, mainly alcohol spray.

ALIC and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, with national “II Type of Medical Apparatus and Instruments Business Record” and “III Type of Medical Apparatus and Instruments Business License”, has been qualified by the Chinese Government to be engaged in various products concerning with the medical apparatus and instruments, medical examination, medical health protection and civilian health protection.  

For the exported products, ALIC also obtains the qualification of FDA and CE so these medical supplies will significantly meet the overseas demands and give much aid to containing the epidemic.

For further details, please send emails to, or visit, ALIC will serve you with heart and soul and hope to fight with teeth and nails to contain the COVID-19 epidemic with the people across the globe !