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D-panthenol(98%, 75%)
ArtNo: X503
Category: Chemicals

CAS NO.:   81-13-0



Appearance: clear colorless to slightly yellow viscous liquid  

Storage:-20oC.Normally store in cool and dry place, keep away from sun light.


1.Widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and liquid preparation.

2.D- panol into the human body can be converted into pantothenic acid, and then synthesis of coenzyme A, 

promote the metabolism of human protein, fat, sugar, protect skin and mucous membrane, improve hair luster, prevent the occurrence of disease.

3.D- panol can prevent small wrinkles, inflammation, sun, erosion. 

To prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, keep hair moist, 

reduce hair bifurcation, prevent crisp and break, protect, repair and care for hair.



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