ArtNo: A-006
Category: Bathroom Equipment

Material:New artificial stone material: mineral filled high molecular composite material, made of natural mineral powder (aluminum hydroxide powder), high performance resin
Molding:Vacuum blister cooling molding
Design:Design is not limited, how fashion how to design, chamfering is not limited
Structure:The whole body casting, seamless connection, the same internal and external material, smooth lines, one at a time.
Surface:Matte, understated, luxurious
Repair:Easy to repair, polished as good as before
Anti-aging:Body casting anti - aging, after many years of uniform polishing, and take on a new look
On the way:On the ground directly
Resistance to cleaning:The whole body is formed, there is no gap inside and outside bath crock, material makes the ground directly, close together with the ground without dirt rubbish dead Angle

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